"Feminist Taylor Swift" Has Joined Twitter and It's Amazing


Taylor Swift is a cultural icon and a role model to millions — young girls especially — but does her music actually perpetuate traditional gender stereotypes framing young women as fragile and dependent upon men? Some go as far to say that this 23-year-old pop sensation is anti-feminist, while others argue that she hates other women. 

Clara Beyer, a rising senior at Brown University and creator of the Twitter account @FeministTSwift, would say yes. 

Beyer created the feminist Taylor Swift Twitter account on June 12, and in two days she has already amassed over 17 thousand followers. PolicyMic can't decide which tweet is best.

It might be this tweet about being 22:


Or this one, about gender identities:

Perhaps this tweet about the power of women takes the cake:

Or maybe this tweet, about gender constraints is our favorite after all:

We just can't decide ... we love them all. In any case let's be honest: being 22 is definitely not all about "dressing up like hipsters" and "breakfast at midnight"... at least for most of mainstream American girls.

No word yet on Taylor Swift's reaction to the Twitter account, but we're guessing it looks a little something like this: