18 Photos and Videos That Show the Protesters Of Brazil Will Not Back Down and Surrender

ByAna Maria Defillo

Once again, social media proves to be a better news source for revolutions around the world than the mainstream media.

Incredible tumblrs and websites have been popping up documenting what is happening here in São Paulo and why. 





1. An Unbelievably Brave Protester Stands Against a Phalanx Of Armored Police:

2. Massive Crowds March Through the Streets Of São Paulo:

Here are some breathtaking photos from Lost Art:

3. Riot Police Prepare to Disperse Protesters, Shields in Hand:

4. Protesters Run From Police Advancing:

5. A Wall Of Police Advance, Subduing Protesters: 

5. Various Portraits Of the Protesters Of Brazil:

5. 4 Protesters Who Will Not Be Silenced: 

6. Massive Rally Hits a Public Square: 

7. Resistance is Not Terrorism:

8. More Protesters Against the Proposed Transit Hikes:

9. A Police Officer Fires a Shotgun Directly At Protesters:

10. But Force Won't Prevent Them From Being Heard:

11. Violence is Not the Answer: 

12. More Police, More Shotguns: 

12. Protesters Blocking Traffic: 

13. Triumphant:

14. Cop Cars Crawl Through a Sea Of Protesters: 

15. Police Call in the Cavalry (Literally):

16. And Still It Continues:

17. Oh Hey, There's Some Police Destroying Their Own Car to Make It Look Like Protesters Did It:

18. Standard Brazilian Police Procedure:

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