Santa Monica Gunman Built His Own Gun From Legally Bought Parts


The gunman in a fatal shooting spree in Santa Monica tried to legally buy a firearm in 2011 but was denied by the Justice Department, and instead built a semi-automatic rifle capable of firing .223-caliber ammunition using parts.

John Zawahri’s June 7 shooting spree at Santa Monica College killed six people, including the 23-year-old gunman dead.

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While 3D guns are further complicating the gun debate, making a gun is actually a lot easier than that. By using parts sold on the internet you can legally build a gun, as long as it’s kept for personal use and not sold.

That’s the premise of so-called rifle "build parties,” a growing phenomenon across the country, especially in those states with restrictive gun laws. Gene Hoffman, who hosts such events in the San Francisco area, calls it “knitting for guys. It’s exactly the same thing that gets people to go buy a ’67 Dodge Charger and rebuild it. Call it a very guy thing." 

"People put hot dogs on the grill, there are beverages, and it’s a nice Saturday afternoon with some blow torches and a 10-ton press," Hoffman said. 

This news seems to support the claim that whatever Congress does, those looking for a gun will almost certainly be able to obtain one.