Kanye West 'Yeezus': New Album Leaked Before June 18 Release Date


Kanye West's new album Yeezus may be the most hotly-anticipated album of the year. Originally set to drop on June 18, it's already here ... If you can find the leaked album online.

There's been no news yet on who leaked the album or how they managed it, but Kanye's label Def Jam is already furiously working on damage control. The company has an entire division for leaks management, and they've stated that they already have a solid lead on who the leak was and how to shut down the illegal file from spreading, though it currently remains on the internet. They're also confident that Kanye fans will still turn out in droves to purchase the original in a few days.

For his part, Kanye is cool as a cucumber, according to several sources. In fact, in typical Kanye style, he's taking it as a sign of pride that his album was so eagerly awaited that people have gone to great lengths to leak it. He's also a little preoccupied considering that his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, just gave birth to a baby girl this weekend.

Coming back to Yeezus, though, critical reviews have so far been nothing short of spectacular. The entire album is supposed to be dark and angry, with a fusion of rap, punk, new wave, and hip-hop. Ye rails against haters, censorship, and even his own celebrity status. It's not quite as radio-friendly as his last venture, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but every single review I read claimed that Yeezy's new album was extraordinary on the first listen and only got better (and deeper) with time. The consensus seems to be that this album is "nothing like you've ever heard before."

Love him or hate him (or hate him but love his music), Kanye West's new album is set to prove once again that he is a musical prodigy. To put it in the words of Kanye himself, maybe he is a god.