Father's Day 2013: Plastic Surgery On the Rise This Holiday


As years go by, for many, it becomes harder to find a Father’s Day gift for dad. When one has already gone through the sequence of gifting wallets, cologne, tool kits and grills, one may feel that it is time to surprise dad with something a little more special this year. Ditch the dress shirts and socks. This year, what dad is really looking forward to is his first consultation — with a plastic surgeon.

The pressure to upkeep one’s appearance and the decision to go under the knife are not limited to women and plastic surgeons around New York City have taken notice and acted accordingly by offering a Father’s Day package.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons of the estimated 14.6 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2012, about 1.2 million were performed on men.

“A year ago we started to offer a Father’s Day package, and it’s unprecedented what has happened,” says Dr. Greenberg, a Long Island surgeon who sees a 25% increase in male clients around Father’s Day.

Botox injections and other non-invasive procedures have been among the most popular that men seek to rejuvenate and beautify themselves. However, for men seeking larger tweaks in their appearance, liposuction, nose jobs, eyelid surgery and breast reductions are also among the most commonly performed procedures. 

So spouses and kids, take note. If dad talks about plastic surgery, he is probably trying to target one or more of the following areas he may find problematic: his wrinkly skin, his pot belly, his love handles, his nose which grows with age, his droopy eyes, or his man boobs which you should not have teased him too much about although they may started to look womanly. 

Dr. Michael Fiorillo, the plastic surgeon who heads Luminique MedSpa in Soho and also offers a 20% off Father’s Day special on CoolSculpting treatments, also reports seeing a spike in his male clientele especially around Father’s Day during the past few years. Though there are an array of reasons why a man or person of any gender may decide to get cosmetic surgery, Dr. Fiorillo provides his opinion on the matter. 

“In today’s difficult job market, a lot of men are definitely turning to cosmetic treatment to stay competitive,” Dr. Fiorillo said.

Fiorillo may be correct that the job market is competitive and physical appearance certainly plays a key role in the hiring process and our society as a whole. Nonetheless, we must also acknowledge that women are not the only ones who, either as a result of pressure to fit a certain societal standard or other personal reasons, may feel that undergoing plastic surgery will help fix their perceived flaws and give them a boost of confidence. Men, too, can pursue cosmetic procedures for personal reasons other than seeking better employment opportunities and we must not feel the need to mask these personal reasons simply as their desire to get a leg up in the job market. 

The decision to receive cosmetic treatment or surgery is ultimately one that is personal and should not be particular to a certain gender. However, my family likely will not be sending our old man off to the plastic surgeon’s office anytime soon. Even if he ever feels a little insecure about his appearance, playing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” reassuring him, and perhaps giving him some snazzier clothes will have to do.