Kim Kardashian Pregnant: Celebrity Gives Birth to Baby Girl


If you have not been keeping up with the Kardashians lately, this Saturday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their newborn daughter into the world at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The baby arrived slightly earlier than the expected July date but her birth coming just in time for Father’s Day makes it all the more exciting, especially for Kanye. Kanye was set to make a promotional appearance Friday night for his album Yeezus but was forced to cancel when Kim began feeling “a little off,” which the media correctly perceived as a sign that Kardashian was going into labor.

The couple still has not released the name of their child but have no fear, the people of Twitter have spoken and are not only sharing their anticipation and excitement to find out the baby’s name, but they are also offering name suggestions. These names range from cultural and Armenian names like “Knar” (meaning lyre or harp) to ridiculous and facetious ones such as "Go."

"Then it would be 'Go West' like the Pet Shop Boys song," the Twitter user suggested, thereafter hash-tagging the word “genius.” 

Kim and Kanye have done their part keeping fans and the media waiting in suspense while the public had its own fun trying to engage with the story through social media. 

Hopefully for Kim, who had filed for divorce with Kris Humphries after being married for only 72 days, the finalization of the divorce and the birth of her daughter this month will prove to be a good start for her new family.