The Green Children's New Album 'Connection' Delivers Beautiful Electro Pop With Heart and Soul


In the music industry, the term; “Dreaded second album” or “Sophomore jinx” has become common knowledge amongst music lovers, mainly because so many artists and bands fail to deliver second albums that can reset, redefine, or in many cases just "pick up where they left off from," thankfully there are exceptions (Led Zeppelin’s II immediately comes to mind).

On July 23, I’m confident we will be adding The Green Children’s Connection to that list of exceptions as it towers above their impressive debut; Encounter.

The first single off Connection is the dreamy and entrancing “Kisses From the Sky” which delivers a very natural cinematic vibe, powerful enough to be a lead single but never losing the sound and soul of the album as a whole.

The album kicks off with “Feel the light” one of the defining highlights of Connection; “Feel the light” is my nomination for pop song of 2013. Vocalist Milla Sunde’s voice is so emotive your heart would have to be frozen to not feel something when this is playing: “You don’t have too see to feel the love” in this case you just have to listen! This song is such a strong offering with perfect ambiance and true feeling, and much like “Kisses From the Sky” doesn’t at any point lose or overpower the rest of the album, this is surely going to be the second single?

Connection drifts seamlessly through every song delivering beautiful electro pop with heart and soul, “Sailor” provides your ears with attractively unusual melody an emotive chorus, intricate break downs and some awesome synth patterns. The title track “Connection” boasts a very catchy chorus and a brilliant bass line. There is something for everyone here, if you loved Encounter’s “Life Was Beautiful,” then Connection’s “Outline” has a similar construct but just a little more charged, less ballad and more electro ballad, contributing to the vibe of the album superbly.

Connection ends on a rejuvenating note as the powerful and inspiring “I can do anything” will have you feeling ready to tackle life and promoting your own self belief, “I can do anything” is as powerful a song as its name suggests.

“Norwegian Dream” brings an amazing album to an end, in such a natural and beautiful way, Milla Sunde’s harmony is perfect over yet another Marlowe Bevan masterpiece. You won’t want this album to end!

Overall Connection proves good pop music doesn’t have to be predictable, generic and superficial to have an impact on the listener.

This album is a triumph and will sit nicely in any music collection, an album to listen to again and again, enjoy and never forget.


Best Tracks: “Feel the light,” “Kisses From the Sky,” “Sailor,” “Connection,” “Outline,” “I Can Do Anything” & “Norwegian Dream.”

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