10 Heartfelt Messages From Famous Fathers to Their Daughters


The father-daughter bond is one that we often talk about, but it is never quite as cherished as on Father's Day.

In honor of the special day, TIME magazine asked several famous fathers to write open letters to their daughters.

Some took the opportunity to give some advice, while others fondly reminisced. But they all had something beautiful to say. Take a second to "awww" your way through some of their best messages:

1. Aaron Sorkin to Roxy

"Once I saw you sit down next to a kid who was eating lunch all alone—always be that person. Once I saw you go up to a little girl who was crying on the playground and ask her what was wrong—always be that person."

2. Bassem Youssef to Nadia

"You will face problems, take them away, and throw them behind your back. You will climb up and down obstacles and overcome them as if they are nothing. ... Whatever hardships you will face, you will make them miraculously disappear. And you will do all of this with the most beautiful smile, the loudest laugh, and endless power and energy."

3. Bruce Jenner to Kendall and Kylie

"Fear is part of the game. Trying things outside of your comfort zone is essential, because your ability to grow as a person is directly related to the amount of insecurity you can handle. So be strong and fearless on this journey we call life."

4. Chuck Schumer to Jessica and Alison

"I have always believed it is harder for strong women to achieve than it is for men. But that makes strong and successful women the most interesting people in the world. I have observed this in the Senate, and I have observed it with both of you as you’ve matured."

5. Ethan Hawke to Maya, Clementine, and Indiana

"Just remember that the secret to enjoying any romance is your own self-respect. If you respect yourself, you will be amazed at the quality of the people who show up around you, and how you begin to respect others. It’s a series of dominoes that fall all by themselves. It is in that sanctuary of respect where love can flourish."

6. Jerry Jones to Charlotte

"I see the way your children look at you with so much love and admiration, and more than anything I share those same sentiments with them.

A great joy in my life has been the opportunity to grow and be influenced from the experience of working closely with you.  I am so proud of you, because you remind me of how wonderful it is to be a father every day of my life."

7. Joe Klein to Sophie

"There may be times that your bosses think you’ve gone off the deep end, and you should respect their judgment. But if you really believe in what you’re doing, stick with it, fight for it. There will be times when you’re wrong, but you’ll learn from them, and I know you’ll come back stronger.

8. Mario Lopez to Gia

"Pretty soon, you’ll be a big sister ... And you’ll get to help me teach the baby the things I hope you learn from me: that you shouldn’t have to rely on anyone to take care of you, even though I always will. And that if you come from a place of love and you work hard, you can’t really go wrong."

9. Michael Buckley to Kendall and Morgan

"I don’t want you to want to have it all. Having it all is neither possible nor practical. So instead of all, have some. And make the some about the things you most want and love, while realizing you’ll never get all of the stuff you want. That’s not only ok, but also entirely human."

10. Richie Sambora to Ava

"I wish you strength in the future because it’s not always going to be easy.  I hope I’ve given, and continue to give you, all the tools you’ll need to move forward and manage through life’s struggles yet still remain smiling in your heart.

"And I will walk with you forever, even when I’m gone. When you love someone that deeply, they become your North Star, your home. And you can never lose your way."