'Man Of Steel' Weekend Gross: $113,080,000, Dominates Box Office


Two new films enter the Top 10, and it’s not shocking Man Of Steel took top honors over the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg’s comedy, This Is The End.

The caped redux commanding triumph could generate a slew of interesting outcomes for Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures, considering there is a grave possibility the pair could part by the end of the year.

Here is a recap of the weekend box office numbers and beyond:

1. Man Of Steel: $113,080,000

I believe this franchise has potential, bold statement, I know. I don’t doubt financially it will succeed, I surmise from a quality standpoint, and it’s an immense improvement over the last reboot effort, Superman Returns. With the combination of director Zack Snyder, screenwriter David Goyer, and the man in the tights Henry Cavill, Superman possess a stronger connection with the average human, something I felt lacked with past depictions.

However, a cardinal critique of mine is that the plot is a bit messy and underdeveloped. Plus, I deem Faora was a more compelling villain than General Zod, and that pains me to confess because I’m such a great admirer of Michael Shannon. I plan on viewing this film again but the second screening will be in the theaters.

Side note, coincidentally Man Of Steel is the probable name of my autobiography.

2. This Is The End: $20,500,000

Rotten Tomatoes has given the film very positive reviews, and by opening on a Wednesday it has matched the $32 million budget. With World War Z and Monsters University scheduled to be released this week, the numbers will in all likelihood plummet.

Equally, my desire to watch it has plummeted with every advertisement I see.

3. Now You See Me: $10,320,000

It’s only been three weeks and the film has already earned monetary success. Considering its budget is minor compared to the competition, that is no doubt impressive.

How's this for irony? My screener copy of the film has apparently “disappeared.” 

4. Fast & Furious 6: $9,433,000

The foreign gross just surpassed its predecessor, Fast Five, at $417 million. Bringing the global gross to nearly $637 million, and proving that bad taste is scattered throughout this world and not just in the United States. 

5. The Purge: $8,201,000

A drop of 76% in its second week isn’t astonishing for a low budget horror flick, yet neither is the films producer, Jason Blum, announcing the development of a sequel.

Nothing clever to add, so here is a funny word I’ve learned. Collywobbles. As in, “Your mom’s cooking gave me the collywobbles, and now I have to purge.”

6. The Internship: $7,000,000

Viewership has took a nosedive by 60%, so it doesn’t appear like the film is going to churn out a profit with its budget of $58 million. I still got love for Vaughn and Wilson, but I officially use Bing now.

7. Epic: $6,000,000

Despite the mediocre reviews, Epic has had a healthy run, with the majority of its earnings coming from the foreign market.

Attempted to see this the other day, but was denied because my mustache was regarded as, “Too mature.”

8. Star Trek Into Darkness: $5,660,000

Even though the lens flare irks me, J.J. Abram’s knows how to direct and the consumers agree. The Star Trek sequel has grossed over $400 million worldwide, with nearly half of the revenue coming overseas.

The films scribe, Damon Lindelof shouldn’t apologize for having actress Alice Eve be shown, “gratuitously and unnecessarily,” in her unmentionables. His apology should be for Prometheus

9. After Earth: $3,750,000

I might see this film strictly out of pity. Don’t worry Will, I got your back.

10. Iron Man 3: $2,908,000

It is the sixteenth film to surpass the $1 billion mark worldwide. Regardless of my opinion about the franchise being excessive, I’m glad Robert Downey Jr. has rebounded with this trilogy. Excluding me, it couldn’t of happen to a more gifted and charming gentlemen.

Anyways, back to day drinking.