How the Lincoln Memorial Narrowly Escaped Becoming A Pyramid


This week's Ghostsofdc, a history blog, dug up some incredible alternate designs for the Lincoln Memorial. Here are the seven they found. 

1. Baptismal Lincoln

Since Lincoln is considered savior of the slaves, an ecclesiastical-feeling memorial may have been appropriate. One nickname for Lincoln is actually, "The Great Liberator."

2. Bubbly Lincoln

This idea isn't actually too far off from the original. That is except for the complete roundness of the structure, and those really bubbly fountains. 

3. Mesoamerican Lincoln

Cute, but the design is so 14th century.

4. Soupy Lincoln

So it's a national cauldron?

Also, who else remembers this Disney Channel masterpiece?

5. Palatial Lincoln

Oh, so you fancy huh?

6. Devo Lincoln

Whip it real good Lincoln. 

7. Egypto-Lincoln

Giza comes to D.C. (or Lincoln was a Mason...)