'The Voice' TV Show: What the Reality Show Looks Like in 4 Other Countries


It’s kind of disorienting to realize that The Voice will be having its season four finale on Tuesday, when it seems like just yesterday that its first season was launched.

The television singing competition has gained a lot of popularity since its first season, which had 13.7 million viewers in its season four premiere.

However, The Voice is not unique to the United States, with over 50 countries having their own version of the hit TV competition. Here’s a look at some of the other adaptations of The Voice from around the world.

1. The Voice of Holland

The Voice of Holland was the original of “The Voice” franchise, which premiered in September 2010 and is one of the highest rated shows on Dutch television. However, unlike it’s U.S. counterpart, the Voice of Holland does not have a “knockout round.”

2. The Voice of the Arab World

The Voice of the Arab World, formally known as The Voice: Ahla Sawt, largely follows the same format as the original series from Holland. However, it is unique from other shows in the franchise because of its multinational nature. The coaches themselves are from different countries across the Arab World (Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, and Egypt), with the season one winner hailing from Morocco.

However, other Arab World countries have picked up on the franchise as well, such as The Voice of Afghanistan.

3. The Voice of China

While the format of The Voice of China is essentially the same as others in the franchise, the members of the show also went on a popular, successful tour across the country to showcase the talent of the television competition and to increase its popularity.

4. The Voice Kids

Of course they have to have a kids version of the show too. Ten countries have broadcast a children’s version of The Voice, including Albania, Thailand, Georgia, and Vietnam.