5 Ways Burglars Can Invade Your Home


In order to prevent a home robbery, sometimes it's a good idea to think like a burglar. By putting yourself in the burglar's shoes, you'll be able to foresee some of the points of entry and other signs trespassers use when breaking into homes. With this in mind, here are five common ways crooks invade homes.

1. Doors and Windows

Believe it or not, most burglars technically don't have to "break in" to homes due to the fact that a surprising amount of people leave their doors and windows unlocked. In fact, checking for unlocked front, back, and sliding glass doors is first on every burglar's robbery list. 

And, open windows are an even easier point of entry for burglars. Even if you think you're safe on the second floor, most burglars will go to any length, even climbing, to get the goods. So, deadbolt every door and install limiters on all windows.

2. Spare Keys

Another mistake that many homeowners make is hiding spare keys in common areas. Hiding keys under doormats, above door trim, under potted plants, and in fake rocks makes burglary an easy job. 

If you don't want burglars unlocking the front door with your own key, be creative with the hiding spot and change the location often. Also, a good rule of thumb is to hide your key in an area that's unique to your home because it'll be an unlikely spot for burglars to look.

3. When Nobody is Home

A vacant home is a burglar's paradise considering any and every point of entry is fair game. When on vacation, it's important to suspend newspaper delivery so papers don't pile up and have a neighbor collect any packages that might be delivered while you're gone as these are giveaways the house is vacant.

The best line of defense in ensuring your home isn't burglarized while you're away for the holidays or even just at work is to install a quality security system like the ones available from http://www.homessecurity.com/. And make sure you advertise your new security system with a sign in the front yard.

4. Hiding Spots

Tall shrubbery surrounding a home, especially thick bushes in front of windows, is the perfect camouflage for burglar's breaking and entering. So, keep the shrubs trimmed and try not to grow them in front of or even next to points of entry. 

Likewise, if your property is particularly dark at night, trespassers are much more likely to go unnoticed. But, some accent lighting for your home in combination with motion sensing floodlights will keep your home bright and trespassers away.

5. Don't Provide Tools

Not all burglars come prepared for a break-in. In fact, many travel on foot to increase their chances of getting away. So, don't leave ladders, household tools, or even shovels lying around, as these are easily used as tools for forced entry. 

In addition, get rid of the rock garden; any hard objects found around the house could end up being used as devices to break windows.

By following the advice above and thinking like a burglar, you'll be more likely to disrupt their efforts.