Just 39% Of Americans Approve Of the GOP :-(


A recent poll shows the Republican Party's approval rating has dropped to 39% from its historical average of 46%, and the question is who can they blame? With no scapegoat, the Republicans probably went down in the rankings because they are unwilling to compromise, because they are lead by questionable characters, and because they have a hard time expressing their actual accomplishments.

The GOP's decreasing approval rate is not surprising, give their stalwart opinions on major issues like taxation, immigration, abortion, and most recently, the NSA. "Rank-and-file Republicans, independents, and Democrats voice the same primary criticism of the GOP: it is 'too inflexible' or 'unwilling to compromise.'" Conversely, 14% of Americans wish that the GOP was more stolid; this brings to mind the GOP's recent decision to support the Obama administration in the NSA scandal. However, the American people are less and less enthusiastic about supporting a political party who rationalizes the NSA's decision to invade their phone records. The GOP is constantly rationalizing their position on current issues by saying that they want to protect the American people and their interests. However, as of late, they refuse to let young women protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, they disparage gay and lesbian unions, and they bring religion into every presumably intelligent debate.

Another cause of disappointment within the GOP might be Bobby Jindal, the man who stated that "Republicans need to stop being the stupid party" and that "They need to stop insulting the intelligence of voters." One wonders whether Jindal actually meant to sound this accurate. The problem with Jindal, and with most other voices of the Republican party, is that they demonize the Democratic party's liberal ideals instead of seeing their positives and negatives. To them, the world is already in disrepair, a Gomorrah of sorts, and the Democrats are to blame for the destruction. This kind of radical thinking leaves little room for debate, and in the end is the reason why Americans are becoming increasingly reticent at the polls. The world is changing, and when the only leg the Republicans can stand on is the NSA fiasco, one wonders what is next for the GOP. 

The Republicans are not all bad, though. The top ten states with the most economic growth potential, which they are attributing to "low tax rates, limited government regulations, and right-to-work laws," are lead by Republican governors. This apparent success was attributed, at least in Mississippi, to low wages and low taxes. However, economist Marianne Hill combats the results, stating that "entrepreneurial activity, a highly skilled workforce, a business-friendly government and creative energy provide a surer path to a high-income economy than do low wages and low taxes." Indeed, it seems like keeping taxes low, wages low, and the respective debt low is just a way to fly under the radar and take a high spot in rankings, without regard to the negative effects of wage suppression and stagnant incomes.

Ease up on social and economic issues, move strangely closer to the Democrats so you can ride on the coattails of their disastrous run, and maybe you will get to as high a plateau of approval rates too, GOP!