Hilarious 'Daily Show' Segment Destroys Evangelist Claiming Gay People Bully Christians


Ever wondered why straight people are so oppressed? Me neither.

In Samantha Bee's most giggle-worthy Daily Show segment since that time she argued ladies should be allowed in the military, she surpasses all expectations by interviewing Matt Slick, an evangelical preacher host who believes that straight-bashing is a thing. 

When she brings up homophobia-motivated crimes in the United States, he responds that "the reverse happens as well [because] homosexuals go out and find straights to beat up." 

Samantha Bee's explanation is priceless. "Yes, why is this hypothetical violence not being covered, or recorded, or even occurring? Maybe it’s because the figures are being hushed up by the Homosexual-Industrial Complex," she responds trying not to burst out laughing.Other highlights of this epic interview include an Evangelist using the term "homo-fascists" and Samantha Bee walking the radio host through the streets while yelling "Christian, coming through! Hey, watch out, I’ve got a Christian!"

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