Aaron Hernandez Investigation: Did Patriots Tight End Kill Someone?


Massachusetts state police are questioning New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez after a body was found a mile away from his home Monday. Investigators want to talk to Hernandez because a car rented in his name has been linked to the crime.

While it does not appear that Hernandez is a suspect in the possible homicide, the police are looking to speak to Hernandez again to discuss the Chevrolet Suburban that authorities are searching for, which was rented in Hernandez’s name.

Hernandez was initially uncooperative with police after the body of Odin Lloyd, 27, was found, but on Tuesday night he began cooperating and allowed investigators in his home Tuesday night, who were seen removing items from the house.

Unrelated reports have also surfaced that Hernandez is being sued in Florida for shooting a man in the face in February after an argument in a Miami strip club. The victim, who survived, is seeking damages in excess of $100,000. 

Neither Hernandez's family, his agent, nor the Patriots were willing to comment on the incidents, none of which are expected to have an effect on the Patriots' season. The Patriots drafted Hernandez out of Florida in 2010, and last year gave him a 5-year $40 million contract.

Jets Fans seemed entertained by the news: 

While some took it quite seriously:

Some have been joking that this may have been part of Coach Bill Bellicheck's plan all along: 

NFL players seem to have a bad habit of getting in trouble with the law. Here are some incidents from over the course of the last year:

- Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter,

- Chad Johnson was arrested for allegedly head-butting his new bride, 

- Broncos defensive star Elvis Dumervile was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,

- Seahawks offensive lineman Jarriel King was charged for raping a 25-year-old woman.