2013 State Fairs Dates: Schedule For All 50 States


Summer means long days, cool drinks, and the good ol' State Fair. While the state fair is a quintessential part of many Americans' summers, some states do things a little differently: some host two fairs (usually spring and fall), and one even hosts the main state fair in the winter!

Here is your guide to all 50 state fairs (all dates in 2013 unless otherwise specified).

If you have anything you'd like to add about your own state fair, please comment below or let me know on Twitter: @christinesalek.

1. Alabama State Fair: August 30-September 8

Alabama's Oak Mountain Spring State Fair took place in April.

2. Alaska State Fair: August 22-September 2

3. Arizona State Fair: October 11-November 3

4. Arkansas State Fair: October 11-20

5. California State Fair: July 12-28

6. Colorado State Fair: August 23-September 2

7. Connecticut State Fair: N/A

While the true state fair was canceled in 2006, residents can choose between a wide variety of local fairs to attend. Connecticut also participates in The Big E, an event held in West Springfield, MA in which Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont take part.

8. Delaware State Fair: July 18-27

9. Florida State Fair: February 6-17, 2014

This state fair was originally known as the Mid-Winter Festival, hence it taking place in February and not over the summer.

10. Georgia State Fair: October 25-November 3

Georgia's Spring State Fair took place in May.

11. Hawaii State Fair: Weekends from May 24-June 30

12. Idaho State Fair: August 16-25 (Western) and August 31-September 7 (Eastern)

13. Illinois State Fair: August 8-18

14. Indiana State Fair: August 2-18

15. Iowa State Fair: August 8-18

16. Kansas State Fair: September 6-15

This fair turns 100 this year, so expect it to be even better than previous years.

17. Kentucky State Fair: August 15-25

18. Louisiana State Fair: October 24-November 10

19. Maine (Bangor) State Fair: July 26-August 4

Maine also takes part in The Big E, September 13-29.

20. Maryland State Fair: August 23-September 2

21. Massachusetts State Fair: September 13-29

Massachusetts' true state fair is The Big E, September 13-29.

22. Michigan (Great Lakes) State Fair: TBA, took place Labor Day Weekend in 2012

While this version of the state fair is fairly new, Michigan does boast the oldest state fair in the country, which took place starting in 1849.

23. Minnesota State Fair: August 22-September 2

24. Mississippi State Fair: October 2-13

25. Missouri State Fair: August 8-18

26. Montana State Fair: July 26-August 3

27. Nebraska State Fair: August 23-September 2

28. Nevada State Fair: N/A

The Nevada State Fair sadly ended after the 2010 festival, with board members citing budget shortfalls. However, Nevada Wild Fest (September 20-22) is a pretty good alternative.

29. New Hampshire (Hopkinton) State Fair: August 29-September 2

New Hampshire also takes part in The Big E, September 13-29.

30. New Jersey State Fair: August 2-11

31. New Mexico State Fair: September 11-22

32. New York State Fair: August 22-September 2

33. North Carolina State Fair: October 17-27

34. North Dakota State Fair: July 19-27

35. Ohio State Fair: July 24-August 4

36. Oklahoma State Fair: September 12-22

37. Oregon State Fair: August 23-September 2

38. Pennsylvania State Fair: N/A

While Pennsylvania has no official state fair, over 100 county and local fairs make up for the deficit.

39. Rhode Island State Fair: N/A

Despite not having a state fair, Rhode Island takes part in The Big E, September 13-29.

40. South Carolina State Fair: October 9-20

41. South Dakota State Fair: August 29-September 2

42. Tennessee State Fair: September 6-15

43. Texas State Fair: September 27-October 20

This state fair is easily one of the biggest in the country, spanning 24 days and attracting over 3 million people every year.

44. Utah State Fair: September 5-15

45. Vermont State Fair: August 30-September 8

Vermont also takes part in The Big E, September 13-29.

46. Virginia State Fair: September 27-October 6

47. Washington State Fair: September 6-22

Washington also has a Spring State Fair that takes place in April.

48. West Virginia State Fair: August 9-17

49. Wisconsin State Fair: August 1-11

50. Wyoming State Fair: August 10-17