Ed Markey: He's Running For Senate in the Wrong State — Literally


According to Maryland law, one is considered to be a Maryland resident if he resides in Maryland for more than 183 days. Democratic nominee Rep. Ed Markey for U.S. Senate in the Massachusetts special election — to be held next week on June 25 — doesn't seem to be familiar with this provision that makes his run for Senate quite perplexing. He may have also dodged more taxes than originally thought.

America Rising just filed a complaint with Maryland's comptroller in which they explain their concern that Rep. Markey may be a Maryland resident, and may have not paid his due taxes.

"According to Montgomery County property tax records, Rep. Markey listed his Chevy Chase home as his principal residence through 2001, but stopped listing his home as his principal residence after he purchased his parents' house in Malden, MA." He was still a Massachusetts congressman when his primary residence was in Maryland. This is ethically and legally questionable behavior — not to mention that he could not have effectively been representing the people of Massachusetts while he lived and spent the overwhelming majority of his time in Maryland.

Markey has been congressman since the 1970s, and "the 2001 purchase of his parents' house following his father's death was the first time Rep. Markey owned property in his congressional district."

Markey recently released his tax returns. Of course, he didn't neglect to omit some key information when releasing them to the public. "The address Markey used on his federal and state taxes forms was redacted." His spokesman, Horan, "could not explain why, but insisted that the congressman used the address of his Malden home," as opposed to his D.C.-area home.

Should we just take his word for it — or should we wonder why he won't disclose his primary address? His spokesman can't even explain it. Markey blamed it on his accountant in the June 18 debate.

Not to worry! His wife, Dr. Susan J. Blumenthal, explained it well and cleared up the matter. She told a newspaper that she lived with her husband — Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey — in Maryland. She said she "lives in Chevy Chase with her husband, U.S. Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass)."

America Rising explains in their complaint that according to Maryland law "Rep. Markey likely meets the definition of a Maryland resident based on the amount of time he spends there." Worse yet — if he is a Maryland resident, as seems to be the case, he is not paying the taxes he owes. He is no newcomer to dodging taxes.

His returns were horrific and also showed he has been engaging in unethical behavior in order to ensure he pays the lowest taxes possible. The goal itself is not so unethical alone, but this is a man who has repeatedly raised taxes on Americans while he uses loopholes. Not only did Markey pay "an effective tax rate of less than 20% over the past eight years, claiming large deductions for his mortgages, his travel expenses, and his car," but he began collecting $11,600 in Social Security benefits last year. Markey "could not explain why the rate was as low as it was. The standard rate for someone in Markey's tax bracket is closer to 30%."

If Markey is a Maryland resident, he should not be running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, and he should not remain congressman. Also, as a congressman who raises taxes, he should not be doing all he can to jump through tax loopholes. The people of Massachusetts deserve better than an absent, hypocritical congressman.