LeBron James Exhibits the Behaviors Of an All Star Pompous Crybaby


While the Miami Heat managed to come back on the San Antonio Spurs in game 6 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night, LeBron James continued to show us reasons that he can not be put into the same category as a Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or a Tim Duncan. On more than a few plays during the NBA Finals, LeBron James after being stopped on the offensive end by the Spurs defense spent his time barking at the officials instead of getting back down the court. This gave the Spurs a handful of five on four fast breaks. Although no one can deny James’ superior athletic ability as it pertains to the game of basketball, unless James focuses on fixing this one of many mistakes in his game, he will never be worthy of even a fraction of the respect that many of the league greats before him  commanded.

Ever since James announced in a one hour televised show dubbed "The Decision" that he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to take his talents down to South Beach, he has consistently had his head stuck in his rear end. What is funny about the whole situation is that he looked to the championship as his validation for being acclaimed as an All Star.  Unlike James, more than a few of the great NBA players went for years without winning a championship.

While they may have complained to the officials at times when calls did not go their way, they never allowed left their team short on the other end of the court to bark at the officials. To clarify, I am speaking of great players like Patrick Ewing whose talent is undeniable despite the fact that he never won an NBA championship although he came close in 1994, like David Robinson who played 11 years wondering if he would ever hoist the trophy but stuck faithfully with the team that drafted him the whole time, and last but not least who could forget Michael Jordan who fell short quite a few times but endured patiently until the Bulls grew into a powerhouse that dominated the league by winning 6 championships in 8 seasons.

The fact that Lebron left Cleveland to join his buddies in a team that has by far the most talent in the league today proves all the more how insecure he is in his own abilities to be mentioned in the same sentence as many of the legends that played the game before him.  Even more so, the fact that Lebron James finds himself on the cusp of defeat for the 2nd time in 3 seasons in the NBA finals evokes the question of  whether or not he really is as good as he is hyped as being. Sure, the Heat may very well win Game 7 and hoist the trophy for the second straight year. However, the reality is that if the Heat really is that good and if Lebron James really is the All Star he has crowned himself as, the Heat would have defeated the Spurs long before now.

Regardless of the result of Game 7, the pressure on LeBron James to prove himself as being the “King” of today’s NBA will still endure for another season and perhaps longer unless he pulls his out of his rear end and simply lets his play on the court prove he is indeed worthy of such acclaim. Until that time, it is unfair and even an injustice to the legacy NBA greats of the past to even have LeBron James mentioned in the same sentence.