Watch Stephen Colbert's Moving Tearful Tribute to His Mother


If you stumble upon The Colbert Report, you likely have to prepare yourself for a few things: sound bites of ranting Congressmen, satirical angles on current events, and mayhem like this. What you rarely anticipate is the need for a box of tissues and your mom on speed dial.

Colbert gave a eulogy Wednesday for his mother, Lorna Tuck Colbert, who passed away at the age of 92 last week. The politically-savvy television host took a short leave of absence, only to return from his bereavement with this powerful tribute to the woman that influenced him most.

Colbert dives into his mother's childhood, the story of her marriage, the adversity she faced in losing three sons and a husband, and the cheery household she lead for decades. It's a miracle if you can make it through the end of the segment without at least choking up a bit. Such earnest confession is rare in the entertainment industry and especially surprising from a comedian, the profession that calls for a sequester of personal life in favor of raunchy jokes and standup specials. If you needed another reason to love Colbert, here it is.

Colbert honors his mother best by doing exactly what she asked of him: keep going with the Report. Check out the full video below.