6 Of Twitter's Best Photos From the Bulgarian Protests


Protests in Bulgaria have sustained themselves for the better part of the week, making that country, Turkey, and Brazil into a trifecta of civil unrest. Bulgarians flocked to Twitter to post photos, videos, and opinions using the hashtag #????withme, which is a play on words involving the acronym for the State Agency for National Security, the government department that sparked the protests, and the acronym's pronunciation, which sounds like the English word "dance." See below for highlights.

1. Sofia Gets Occupied

Bulgarians flocked to central Sofia to protest the appointment of Delyan Peevski as the head of the State Agency of National Security, a very public and politically sensitive position in the Bulgarian government.

2. Bulgarian Citizens Made Opinions Against Their New Government Known

Peevski, 31, is considered to be an unproven and nepotistic choice for the position. His mother is a media magnate in Bulgarian television. Bulgarians called for his resignation from the month-old socialist government, and, moreover, an end to widespread corruption.

3. Negative Public Perception Of The Government Is Inescapable

Even former PM Boyko Borisov was an object of derision for the droves of activists. One older man juxtaposed Borisov's image with that of Joffrey, the bloodlusting, despotic king from Game of Thrones

4. Protestors Reached Out to Turkish Civilians

The sign pictured here is an invitation for ethnically Turkish Bulgarians to make their presence known, personifying the thread between the two protests. 

5. They Also Showed Their Support For Brazilian and Greek Protestors

Sao Paolo, Taksim in Istanbul, and Athens are also engaging in political upheaval and civil unrest in the streets. Pictured here is a statement of unity among all the dissatisfied peoples making noise in their city squares. 

6. The Government Is Appeasing the People, and Police Brutality Is At a Minimum

The socialist government obliged the protesters and forced the resignation of Peevski, but that has not slowed the proceedings. Still, however, relations between police and activists appear to be civil. In this photo, bottles of mineral water have been left at the feet of policemen.