Watch Andrew WK Drum For 24 Hours Straight


On Wednesday, noted musical personality Andrew WK set out to break a world record by playing the drums for 24 hours straight. Should he continue to play continuously until 7 p.m. eastern time on Thursday he will have made history with an extended drum solo that would outshine even the most tenacious of percussionists.

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Marky Ramone, Liberty DeVitto, Chad Smith, Nick Jonas, and Zac Hanson have all showed up at the Oakley Store in Times Square to help Andrew WK to join WK in drumming, but at the point of press release, the live feed shows that he looks fully exhausted.

An assistant has been hand feeding WK what appears to be gum, and has intermittently back massaged him while she glances at her phone. WK is wearing sunglasses and an NYPD hat, presumably to hide his eyes from the distraction of the sun. His all white shirt and pants betray the confidence in his intention to keep playing, even if he defecates, urinates, or vomits. Yet still, WK is known to persist through his own visceral grossness.

“I have an ability to make an entire room smell immediately,” WK once told an MTV journalist. If it this is not a big enough indication of his metal stamina, consider this anecdote: Andrew WK was bored by the photo shoot for his album, so in order to make the image on his cover (and his day) more interesting, WK took a brick and slammed it against his nose, causing it shoot open with spurts of blood. Look at the photo and you will know he deserves a vote of confidence in this most recent ambition. Party Hard.