PolicyMic Is Looking For a Paid Viral Content & Social Justice Intern


PolicyMic is a high-quality democratic news and media platform powered by millennials. Our mission is to engage smart young thinkers in thoughtful discussions around current events. We're expanding to provide the best platform possible for our community of passionate thinkers, and we're hiring a Viral Content and Social Justice Intern to help us create compelling stories that will have an impact on the world. We believe it's possible to combine high-quality content with shareability. Writing doesn't need to be dumbed down to be entertaining, nor does it need to be boring to be smart. It's not that we don't enjoy the occasional cat video, but we think there's more to virality than very cute content (we also actually prefer pugs).

As PolicyMic's Viral Content and Social Justice Intern, you will have the opportunity to work in our New York office alongside the core editorial team. You'll learn the ins and outs of digital media, compose headlines, and work directly with our Viral Content & Social Justice Editor to help create meaningful and engaging content that will spread on social media like wildfire.

To survive at PolicyMic, you'll need to be enthusiastic about slow-clapping, become familiar with the expression "crushing it," and love long email chains filled with various GIFs. In return, you'll get unlimited access to our N'Espresso machine and receive unsoliticitated advice about how to cure your pretzel addiction (an addicition that working here will lead you to develop).

The Responsibilities

-Identifying trending topics and important issues in the news

-Writing 3-4 high-quality stories per day

-Creating headlines for sharable news stories

-Designing and implementing social media strategy

The Ideal Candidate

-Has very strong written communication skills

-Is familiar with and active on several online social platforms

-Works well under pressure

-Has a passion for social change

-Is very organized and detail-oriented

-Is enthusiastic about social media and discovering new ways to engage people online

The Details

-Time Commitment: Flexible (24 hours/week minimum)

-Compensation: Stipend 

-Length: 8 weeks

-Start: ASAP

To apply, please email Caira Conner (Caira@policymic.com) with the following:


- Writing sample on a cool or current event (~400 words)

- Short paragraph on why you're the best fit for this role

- A 140 character tweet that explains why you would rock at this job (tweet it to the Viral Content & Social Justice Editor).

Sample tweet: @feministabulous I would like to work for @PolicyMic because I love Pinterest so much that it hurts sometimes.


Women, people of color, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. PolicyMic is an equal-opportunity employer.