5 Reasons Flight TWA 800 Delivers More Bad News For the Feds


A recent documentary released by former investigators of the crash of TWA Flight 800 alleges that the explosion was caused not by a short circuit, but rather a terrorist missile strike on the plane. After over a decade, these whistle-blowers are breaking their silence.

On July 17, 1996, Trans World Airlines Flight 800 exploded mid-air and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 12 minutes after taking off from JFK. All 230 people on board were killed. After a lengthy four-year investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board determined that the probable cause of the tragedy was an explosion in the fuel tank most likely sparked by a nearby short circuit.

But some of TWA Flight 800's investigators disagree. Here are the top five reasons this will damage the credibility of the federal government:

1. People Don't Like Being Lied To:

Whether dealing with relationships or politics, it is hardly rocket science that nothing is worse than the feeling of being lied to. If you tell me there was an accident with the fuel tank, there better have been a damn accident — with the fuel tank.

2. (But Especially About Terrorism):

Intentional misinformation by the government on a subject as sensitive as terrorism would truly be a travesty to the morale of the nation. A prerequisite to a functioning democracy is trust. And if the government knew that a terrorist missile strike caused this disaster, the people have the right to know.

3. Covert Government Operations Are Fresh On Everyone's Mind:

The public is already especially suspicious of the government after the very recent NSA scandal, complete with hacked phone records and revelations of a massive surveillance program code-named PRISM. Oh and let us not forget the IRS scandal and the alleged Benghazi cover-up. At a time when people are already so suspicious of the intentions of our political leaders, this does not bode well for the federal government. Regardless of whether these allegations do end up being true, a ripple of mistrust will ensue in the minds of many.

4. More Fodder For the Crazies:

Back in the good old days before all these scandals, it was so easy to relegate conspiracy theorists calling bloody murder every step of the way as absolutely insane. I am not suggesting that anyone abandon ship and saunter over to the conspiracist camp any time soon, but this supposed FBI cover-up of TWA Flight 800 is only encouraging them.

5. It Could All Be Wrong:

While a new probe of evidence is being called for, officials have been quick to denounce the resurgence of this allegation as entirely unwarranted. James Kallstrom, the FBI official who headed the investigation in 1996, remarked, "[The claim] has absolutely no connection to the truth, and ... will not stand the test of time and will not stand the test of experts." Sure, the FBI may just be covering its behind with this statement, but only time will tell whether all of this outrage is rightfully justified.