NBA Finals Game 7: Drake Gets Hilariously Denied Entrance to Heat Locker Room


Thursday night's NBA Finals Game 7 was an intense round between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, with the Heat winning their second consecutive NBA title after beating the Spurs 95-88.

Naturally, when there's such an intense sports game going on, you expect celebrities to be sitting in the front row, cheering on their favorite team. And if their favorite team wins, you expect the celebrity to share in some of that glory, congratulating the team in their locker room and taking pictures with them. It's the rich and famous rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

That's what Drake expected, too, at last night's game. Rushing backstage to congratulate the Heat in their locker room, Drake tried to walk past the security guard only to be told that only media were allowed back there. But instead of reacting furiously or throwing a tantrum like most celebrities would have, Drake was just completely taken aback, looking like a lost little kid while quietly stating, "I am media." The look on his face is almost endearing.

See for yourself:

But don't fret about Drake's celebrity status. He still managed to rub shoulders with the Heat at their after-party later that night, rapping "Started from the Bottom" with LeBron James.

Image: Redeye Media

How does that song go again? "Started from the bottom, now I'm media?"