Eric Holder Fox News: Holder Goes After Innocent Conservative Journalists, While Ignoring Liberals


Attorney General Eric Holder took ethically questionable measures to monitor everything about Fox News reporter James Rosen, but he is giving a pass to Curtis Morrison — who has openly and happily admitted to committing a felony against U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)! This is outrageous and forces us to ask, will Holder let Morrison slide simply because his buddies are close with the Obama White House and because they agree ideologically? 

Prosecutors in the Department of Justice (DOJ) are now involved in the case about Morrison’s taping of McConnell’s Louisville campaign headquarters. This is because the U.S. attorney who would have been involved in the case recused himself, as “he has been mentioned as a possible nominee for a federal judgeship, which would require Senate approval.”

The need to monitor Rosen and subpoena AP phone records was questionable, but there is no doubt for the need to investigate and try Morrison. He admitted to committing a felony in a lengthy article. However, the DOJ and Holder are still dragging their feet.

This case is supposedly so delicate because Morrison is a journalist. In order to subpoena evidence from Morrison, Eric Holder’s approval would likely be needed, in accordance with regulations. However, Holder had no problem doing this in the case of Rosen (a journalist) and the AP (a media outlet), and he still gladly defends his respective decisions to do so. So why is Holder dragging his feet now? In light of the Obama administration’s recent scandals, including the IRS targeting conservatives, it is not outlandish to point to pro-Democratic and anti-Republican bias. Rosen leans right and Morrison leans left.

According to Politico, “Morrison was previously a paid freelancer for a Louisville-based, online news outlet, even though he was engaged in political activities with the goal to defeat McConnell.” He engaged in these political activities with the liberal group “Progress Kentucky.” Don’t forget that Shawn Reilly, who made the illegal recordings with Morrison, visited the White House just days before their group, Progress Kentucky, launched a line of attacks against Senator Mitch McConnell several months ago!

Many are alleging the DOJ is taking the case slowly and not doing all they can in this case, but the DOJ denies that. The DOJ pursued both Rosen and the AP vigorously – neither was guilty of crimes, let alone felonies. Failing to similarly pursue Morrison, when he openly admits to the felony, is no less than biased, outrageous, and nefarious. This simply highlights the Obama administration’s obvious bias and desire to target Republicans and let liberals slide. Justice should be universal. The same standard needs to apply, and Eric Holder is not acting in accordance with this ideal.