, Gas Buddy, and 5 iPhone Apps to Help Millennials Save Money


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Between rent checks, bar tabs, and grocery bills, our millennial paycheck can only stretch so far. And though we may try, staying on a budget can be painful.

But, with it being tax season (yes, the time of the year when the government is likely going to cut you a decently sized check), perhaps now is the best time to buckle down on your savings plan.

These apps are best for all around savings, and are specifically targeted at our most routine expenditures: transportation, grocery shopping, bar, and overall finance planning. This will help you save money, the easy way.

Gas Buddy (iPhone and Android)

Food on the Table (iPhone and Android)

DrinkOwl (iPhone and Android)

Yowza!! (iPhone and Android) and Debt Payoff Planner (iPhone and Android)

Photo Credit: borman818