Super Tuesday in Massachusetts Getting Little Fan Fare


The citizenry, media, and Massachusetts GOP know that Super Tuesday is almost upon them, but there is little fanfare. The Boston Globe put it best when it said this about the situation in Massachusetts: “Other than the signs outside polling places, Massachusetts residents have seen little indication that their presidential primary is on what is known as Super Tuesday. In contrast to most other states, there have been no television ad blitzes or rounds of last-minute meetings with candidates.”

Being a statistically staunch Blue state, this comes as no surprise. Romney is the clear favorite among the voters in New England – which none of the other GOP contenders have deemed fit to challenge given the liberal mood of New England and the importance of the other states in contest on Super Tuesday. Robert Maginn, chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party was quoted saying that Massachusetts is not a “battleground” state as Romney is a nearly undisputed favorite among Massachusetts voters. According to a recent Suffolk University poll found Romney winning with 64% of likely Massachusetts Republican voters, followed by Rick Santorum with 16%.

Photo Credit: Flickr