'Monsters University' Box Office: Pixar Flick Earns $82 Million First Weekend, Beats 'World War Z'


This weekend at the box office, we saw a collection of juvenile monsters school Brad Pitt and a bunch of vivacious meth heads. While some may argue the quality in Pixar’s films have decreased of late, with Monsters U the studio continues batting a thousand with every film they’ve released debuting at number one.

After rewrites and reshoots, World War Z over preformed many expectations. It's very possible Pitt’s one-man promotional tour convinced audiences to see the Marc Forster pic. In addition, with Man Of Steel continuing to fly high (or at least hover) there were three films grossing over $40 million through the weekend and bringing the total domestic gross around $236 million.

The summer box office is beginning to sizzle like … I don’t know, something that sizzles I guess.

To brass tacks. 

1. Monsters University: $82,000,000

This is Pixar’s largest opening since Toy Story 3, and while critics consider the film to be middling, the audience begs to differ. Monsters U is safe, and despite the hackneyed “I’ll prove you wrong” plot, there is a reason why that formula is used as often as it is. It works. It’s not on par with the likes of Up or WALL-E, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Think of Revenge Of The Nerds, minus the booze and “hair pie.”

2. World War Z: $66,000,000

Not sure if this overachiever’s success was due to the curiosity about the spectacle that occurred behind the scenes, or was it just Pitt’s promotional effort he put forth? I selected to see Monster University over World War Z this past weekend; I plan viewing the zombie flick sometime in the next couple days.

Zombie films have never really sparked my interest, since the majority of them have their walking dead dallying along, and that’s not very menacing to this overweight smoker.

But that's not the case with this film. Expect a sequel and possible a trilogy.

3. Man Of Steel: $41,215,000

Although opening in 27 new foreign markets and on the doorstep of a worldwide gross of $400m, the caped, spandex bearing superhero might not reach the coveted billion dollar mark. July brings the surely mediocre films The Lone Ranger, and The Wolverine. Not to mention an actual watchable film in Despicable Me 2.

Kryptonite may not be the only green that sedates Superman, and no, the other is not the pot.

4. This Is The End: $13,000,000

Apparently, the ending was re-shot because test screenings left the audience irritated.

Via Huffington Post: Says Rogen,"We solved our problem with one day involving a boy band."

Thanks for the spoiler, a-hole. 

5. Now You See Me: $7,870,000

A global gross of $134 million, winner. Sir Michael Caine, debonair. Worth the price of admission? Naw.

Entertaining at moments, but with a cast of heavyweights, there is not enough screen time to really become acquainted with or even care about the characters. And to top it off, Sir Michael Caine isn’t even that charming, which is an act one has to aim for in order not make happen.

For what it’s worth, I hold magicians above clowns in the gradation of enjoyment in terms of street performers. 

6. Fast & Furious 6: $4,725,000

If for some odd reason you’re yearning for more, fear not, yet another sequel is on deck.

But if you fit this description, schedule a lobotomy first.

7. The Internship: $3,425,000

Roughly about 1,500 theatres dropped the film, and viewership naturally followed suit by dipping around 50%.

The populace would rather see the interns on the set of Black Swan be abused than see this movie.

8. The Purge: $3,412,000

Domestically, The Purge ($59,428,000) has outperformed After Earth ($57,300,000). For a perspective on the amazement, consider the former had a budget of $3m, while the latter had one of $130m.

Ethan Hawke’s “low salary” was rumored to be in the mid-seven figures.

Via Hollywood Reporter:  … “I slept on his (producer Jason Blume) on his couch the whole shoot,” says Hawke.

I salute your sacrifice Ethan, you deserve a sofa bed next time.  

9. Star Trek Into Darkness: $3,000,000

Domestically it won't catch its predecessor, Star Trek.

But as I mentioned last week, it has already surpassed $400 million globally.

10. Iron Man 3: $2,175,000

While Iron Man will most likely depart from the Top 10 next week, Mr. Stark isn’t vanishing anytime soon; Downey has signed on for two more Avengers films.

Stacks on stacks on stacks. I mean, if that’s acceptable with you, Joss?

Until next week, and remember what Jimmy Conway said:

“Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”