A Diehard Thunder Fan Asked Russell Westbrook for a Very Special Assist, And This is What He Got


Russell Westbrook's drawn a litany of criticism over his ability and willingness to set up scorers as a point guard. But you certainly can't question how he sets up his fans. The Oklahoma City Thunder star recently delivered a special kind of assist, tweeting on behalf of Thunder diehard Charlie Bright to propose to girlfriend Rachel Haycraft. Enamored with the gesture, she said yes. 

.@rachelhaycraft, @chuuuuck1 loves u, he wants to know if u would spend the rest of ur life watching thunder games w/ him. #marryhim #Whynot

— Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) June 21, 2013

We've heard of fans proposing on the Jumbotron, but this takes it to a whole new level. It's perfectly reflective of the social media era, tiptoeing the line between awesome and creepy. After all, isn't it a bit strange that Bright didn't actually propose to his fiance? 

She said yes! RT @russwest44 @Chuuuuck1 I said yes! pic.twitter.com/dMH4LERMIE

— Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) June 21, 2013

They do look awfully happy together.

Westbrook will be invited to the wedding, Bright says. With over a million followers on Twitter, the point guard made these two one of the most famous fan couples in the country. Of course, a lot of this is contingent on how the rest of Westbrook's career in Oklahoma City turns out. Westbrook was knocked out of the playoffs after enduring a torn meniscus in his right knee April 27. Now working through rehab, Westbrook's rid himself of crutches and appears to be on track to a full recovery. At only 24 and still under contract for the next four years, he could be leading the Thunder to the NBA Finals right as Rachel and Charlie start a family.

No matter how many fans or analysts charge him with being selfish on the court, you have to give props to Westbrook's charitable efforts, as the #whynot was a reference to his Why Not Foundation for youth scholarships, rather than a shrugging suggestion.