11 Things You Can Do While You Wait For DOMA


Some disappointing news out of Washington Monday morning tells us that we'll need to keep waiting for a decision when it comes to DOMA and Prop 8. The anticipation is torturous so here's a survival guide to help you get through the next few days. When in doubt, turn to Karen Walker. Here are 10 ways to preserve your sanity while tensions are high.

1. Limit Distractions To Make Sure You Don't Miss The Announcement.

2. Prepare Yourself To Hear The Words "Sanctity" and "Linchpin" A Lot.

3. If The Anxiety Is Killing You, Stock Up On Some Liquid Stress-Relief.

4. Don't Freak Out When You Meet A Gay Person Who Doesn't Care About DOMA.

5. Have A Plan For When One Of Your Family Members Goes On An Anti-Gay Marriage Rant.

6. Remember, Anti-Gay Pundits Are Just Regular People Who Aren't Cool Enough To Get Invited To Gay Weddings

7. Daydream About A Not-So-Distant Future Where Gay Marriage Won't Be Up For Debate Anymore.

8. When Faced With Friends Who Don't Believe In Gay Marriage, Don't Lose Your Cool.

9. Once The Decision Is Announced, You Can Reconcile Your Differences.

10. If DOMA Isn't Overturned, Keep Positive.

11. Remember That When People Realize That Supporting Gay Marriage Doesn't Mean They Have To Get One, This Will All Be Over.