When is the Supreme Court Deciding DOMA and Prop 8?


Even though the official Supreme Court term is ending this Monday, many expect the Judges will release these two decisions on Thursday. As has often been the case, Justices extend their term by a few days in order to release opinions that may pile up at the end of the term. DOMA and Prop 8's lateness is also perhaps best explained by their historical precedence. The more important the case, the later the Court is expected to release it. 

Here's a recap of the two cases. 

Proposition 8 (Hollingsworth v. Perry)

Prop 8 was passed in California and then banned  later that year. Supporters say the state should honor the will of the people.

3. Affirmative Action (Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin

Fisher believes she was rejected for UT because of the university's AA preferences. 

So keep your eyes open this Thursday for two cases that are sure to make history. And follow  SCOTUSblog, which releases the decisions in real-time


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