With Whitney Houston Will Comes Reminder of Singer's Seduction to Addiction


On Thursday it was reported that Whitney Houston left her entire estate to daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, according to a last will and testament obtained by Inside Edition.

On February 11 the nation suffered a tragic loss with the death of Whitney Houston, one of the most beloved talents in the world of entertainment. The cause of her death remains unknown but her struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol are known..  Her incredible talents, beauty, fame and fortune would not protect her from the seduction of addiction and the whispers we hear.

Whitney was among the one out of eight Americans who struggle with drugs and alcohol.  Addiction is not a club of exclusion but inclusion; all are welcome to the array of growing choices.

What is more subtle and suggestive than a whisper? I recall a perfume commercial.

Scene: Medieval time, a young woman wearing a cloak turns as she hears a horse approaching. A young knight appears, stops next to the woman, leans over and, in a whisper, says: “My Lady, I have a gift for you”. He presents her with a bottle on a silver tray. 

Voiceover: “If you want to capture someone’s attention "Whisper;" Whisper perfume. 

It’s a sublime example of the "seduction of addiction."

Addiction begins with a barely discernable whisper.But the whisper grows more persistent in security and entitlement; “You’ve had a hard day. You deserve a drink. You can handle me.  Go ahead try me just once … see what all the hype is about getting high …Come on in, walk on my plush carpet, feel the safety of darkness as the spinning sound of slot machines, last bets and wheels promise fortune” … “I’ll spend X amount and then I’ll leave”…. “I’ll just play the video game for X amount of time”…. Finally, the whisper screams; Gottcha! You belong to me now. I own your body, mind, and soul. It then proceeds to shame its conquest. Hence, the cycle of seduction and addiction whispers on. When, if, and how the whispers are silenced depends mostly on the person, their level of awareness, acceptance, and a host of variables.

I find two factors most disturbing about newer addictions: younger ages and ease of availability. I have seen within my own family how teens are becoming addicted to the internet, video games, and cell phones. Constant parental monitoring is crucial. Also, approval of on-line gambling, and the availability of sex and pornography sites has lead to serious consequences; demise of persons, families, and communities.

No one is immune to the seductive whispers of addiction. Ever spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need or engage in an activity for excessive amounts of time: “Just one more whatever…then I’ll stop?”

The solution to addiction lies within us. If others comment we are spending too much time, money, etc. in a specific area; we need to listen, be open to their concerns, and address it before “whispers grow into screams.”

There’s a saying that when we die we are judged not by titles or fame but by how others loved us in life. To her great honor Whitney Houston was greatly loved and will be dearly missed. Rest in Peace Whitney. 

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons