YouTube Nik Wallenda Video: Watch What Went Through His Head


Nikolas (Nik) Wallenda seems all part fearless, but in the face of extreme danger it's natural to look up to god for encouragement. As he walked on the tightrope wire across the Grand Canyon, Wallenda prayed while he neared the completion of his stunt. Wallenda's family comprises of circus performers who indulge in enthralling activities which are both adventurous and highly dangerous. The Flying Wallendas are a group of circus performers who have mastered the art of performing highwire acts. Wallenda himself has walked across several of the most dangerous locations in the world, including one record-breaking stunt walk across the full stretch of Niagara Falls. But even if the odds are in your favour, and even if chances of your success are far greater than failure, how sure can one be if everything would go smoothly?

Wallenda Wallenda is also a family man, married to a co-performer, Erendira; he is father to three young children. It is definitely hard to detach a performer of Wallenda's stature from his personal life, but with a professional life which is predominantly impinging on a safe life, how fair is it to endanger himself? While Wallenda walked his recent tightrope, he claimed the winds to be quite severe, and that it required immense focus for him to keep treading; during his Niagara sojourn, there was mist which engulfed the entire atmosphere around him. Wallenda's famous great-grandfather Karl Wallenda, who also serves as his inspiration and motivational force, died during a stunt act in Puerto Rico due to a malfunctioning wiring that he was supposed to walk over. The Wallendas are surely talented, focused, and disciplined, but are they invincible? Can a stroke of fate supersede talent and leave irreparable damage done? Aside from Karl, Wallenda has lost a few more family members due to their performances. Even with knowing the hazards, Wallenda has chosen to live his life like this.

Watch an interview with Wallenda below:

Some might label Wallenda reckless and irresponsible and some might call him brave, but when you choose a profession which demands complete abdication of safety, logic, and security, what choice are you left with? Wallenda could be walking the tightrope, both literally and figuratively. It is what he knows and it is what his legacy expects of him. He in turn delivers it, but does his urge for adrenaline encourage his passion, or is it merely an occupation for him? It is difficult to answer these questions from a vantage point of a layman who is just a spectator. But it is easy to identify that if indeed Wallenda has reached successful saturation as a stunt performer it may be time for Wallenda to hang up his boots.