Google Gay Rights: Gayglers Build Rainbow Search to Celebrate Pride Parades


Need a work break? This week "Gayglers" — Google's LGBT employees — are celebrating Gay and Lesbian Month with some search bar fun. When you type in LGBT-related words like "lgbt" or "gay," "lesbian," "marriage equality," or "transgender" the search engine will change from this:

to this. 

As pride parades spur all around the country this weekend, Google plans to be right there celebrating too. Gayglers from all throughout the company formed subcommittees in order to "discuss budget, plan events, order schwag and advertise Pride." All the while they kept "an eye on the prize," meaning Gayglers focused on "ensuring the messages of diversity, inclusion and pride are central themes throughout it all.

This week Google is contributing to pride parades both at home and abroad. They will be passing out t-shirts with this logo during parades in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Dublin. 

Google's commitment to marriage equality worldwide can also been shown in their support of gay rights in France. Watch this inspirational video. For all you cultured kids out there: it's in French. For the rest of us, just read the subtitles. 

All this Pride Parade talk comes just in time for some of the Supreme Court's most important cases this year. This week, most likely June 26 or 27, the Justices are supposed to release opinions for Prop 8 and DOMA.

Let's hope by the parade on Sunday we and Google will really have something to celebrate.