M.I.A. 'Bring the Noize' Video: Watch Her Comeback Video Here


How do you follow an album of "digital ruckus" that was simultaneously praised and criticized for its experimental content and brazen lyrics? You dye your hair pink and do it all over again.

That's exactly where we find M.I.A. on "Bring the Noize," her first single in three years to front her upcoming fourth LP. With new hair and a mess of different genres that include trap, techno and hip-hop, the British songstress returns in a big way, boasting "I sleep on my tongue and I sleep by two." If you thought the song was loud, just wait until you check out the terror punk video. This may seem tame compared to some of her past escapades, but it's still sure to brew up attention.

Clad in all white, M.I.A. is lead into a militant club, where she meets cattle, black light and a room flooded in gold. Matangi is expected to drop this fall. Check out the video, which premiered Tuesday on Noisey, here: