Wendy Davis: Meet The Woman Speaking For 13 Hours To Filibuster Texas' Anti-Abortion Bill


After the citizens of Texas tried to filibuster a drastic anti-abortion bill proposed during an emergency session announced by Governor Rick Perry, State Senator Wendy Davis of Fort Worth has decided to take matters in her own hands and block the bill.

She has announced her intention to take the floor for as long as possible. Thirteen hours to be exact. She started speaking at 11:18 a.m. and she won't stop until midnight, which is when the 30-day special session ends. NBC is live-streaming her verbal marathon (below).  As Davis entered hundreds of pro-choice citizens cheered on the state senator, shouting "Go Wendy!"  

Senate Bill 5, the legislation Davis is fighting against, would ban all abortions after 20 weeks and force the closure of 80% of Texas' abortion clinics. If it passes, it will be impossible for all women in western Texas to get a safe abortion. Since Texas has a huge population of 26 million people, the implications of this bill are enormous.  

In a statement, she says that she's shocked by the "profound irresponsibility and the raw abuse of power." 

"The actions intended by our state’s leaders hurt Texas; they hurt Texas women and their families.  Their actions undermine the hard work and commitment of fair-minded, mainstream Texas families who want nothing more than to work hard, raise their children, stay healthy and be a productive part of the greatest state in our country.  These mainstream families embrace the challenge to create the greatest possible Texas, yet are pushed back and held down by the narrow and divisive interests driving our state’s leaders."

Hundreds of protesters are supporting the senator during her filibuster. Generous donations poured in from all over the nation last week when citizens protested inside the House of Representatives. They received pizza, donuts, and coffee to keep them energized during their protest.

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