George Zimmerman Trial Day 2 Highlights: Skittles, Arizona Iced Tea, and a 9mm Handgun

ByGabriel Grand

It was an eventful second day for the six-woman jury of the George Zimmerman murder trial case.

Among the witnesses called by the prosecution Tuesday were:

-Wendy Dorival, a former neighborhood watch coordinator who worked with Zimmerman. Dorival testified that the purpose of the neighborhood watch program was to help report potential criminal activity to the police, and NOT to advocate vigilanteism.

-Anthony E Raimondo, a sergeant for the Sandford police department who responded to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Sgt. Raimondo testified that "Mr. Martin was face-down" in the grass when he arrived at the scene, and recounted how he attemped to perform CPR on Martin, to no avail.

-Diane Smith, a crime scene technician who gathered evidence from the scene of the shooting. Smith described the scene of the shooting using photographs and diagrams introduced by the state. She went through the items confiscated from the body of Martin, which included an Arizona Iced Tea can, a bag of Skittles, a flashlight, a cell phone, and money found in Martin's pocket. She also presented as evidence the 9mm handgun which Zimmerman used to fatally shoot Martin in the chest.

-Selene Bahadoor, a resident of the condo complex where the shooting occured and an eyewitness to the struggle between Zimmerman and Martin. Bahadoor testified that she heard sounds of a struggle outside her home, including shouts that sounded like, "No!". She said that she saw outside "what looked like figures and arms moving... in a standing position." On cross examination, the prosecution called into question certain aspects of Bahadoor's testimony and pointed out that she had "liked" the "Justice for Trayvon Martin" Facebook page.

Prosecutors also introduced photographs of Martin's dead body, which included one of him lying face-down in the grass, another of his body face up with his eyes slightly open, and a third of the bullet wound.

When these photographs were introduced, Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father, walked out of the courtroom, reports FOX news.

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