Introducing the New Account Settings at PolicyMic


Today, we are excited to announce our new account settings. With our new system, users will have much more control over notifications, privacy, and their profile. Here are a few big highlights:

1. Control Your Email Settings!

There’s a brand new e-mail settings tab that allows for granular control over what kind of e-mails you receive.

2. More Privacy Controls

Because we ask our community to use real names and real photos, we've added more privacy settings – including the ability to make your profile only accessible to other logged-in users and the ability to hide your last name. Once you start publishing though, we ask pundits to make their profile and name accessible.

3. Get Your Profile Picture Just Right

There is also a new image uploader and cropper to make sure your profile is always looking good.

4. Easily Update Your Password and Email Address

This new page should make it easier for users to edit the information they display on their profile, and control privacy settings to make it possible to control what information is available publicly.

Take a look and share any feedback below. As always, we really appreciate your thoughts.