Massachusetts Election Results: LIVE Updates On Gomez-Markey Race


The battle for Secretary of State John Kerry's former Massachusetts Senate seat is about to conclude, as the Massachusetts special election roars to a conclusion following months of sometimes-vicious campaigning, political sparring, and mutual accusations of legal malfeasances and mud-slinging.

Unsurprisingly, Democratic candidate Rep. Ed Markey (who has served in the House of Represenatives for 37 years) is expected to win over GOP challenger Gabriel Gomez (a former Navy SEAL and successful businessman) by a wide margin. The latest data indicates that Gomez is going down, and hard: a Boston Globe poll found Markey leading Gomez 54-41%.

As the race crashes to a halt, one man will emerge victoriously into an illustrious career in Congress, an institution with a 14.4% approval rating. May the best man win ... and, uh, good luck with the gridlock.