10 Reasons You Should Love Wendy Davis


1. In Case You Live Under a Rock, She's the One Who Filibustered the Heck Out Of Texas Last Night.

2. She Didn't Take No For An Answer: "The Leadership May Not Want To Listen To Texas Women, But They Will Need To Listen To Me."

3. When Republican Senators Stopped Her From Speaking, Her Badass Colleagues Were Not Going To Take It.

Republican senators tried to stop her filibuster because they claimed she was getting off topic when she spoke about sonograms. Yes, because abortions and sonograms have NOTHING to do with each other. This is when Senator Leticia Van De Putte stepped up to the mic and got a standing ovation for saying what we were all thinking.

4. She Has Now Pleasantly Coined the Term "Vagina Business."

5. Her Filibuster Was the Most Popular Thing On the Internet.

More than 200,000 people watched the livestream and reports say that as many as 17,00 Tweets were coming in every minute on the #StandWithWendy hashtag. And they say feminism is dead...

6. Her Dedicated Pro-Choice Posse Who Supported Her Every Step Of the Way Shows the Power Of the Movement.

7. Her Wikipedia Page Was Edited To Say She Was "the LeBron James Of Filibustering."

8. She Literally Killed the Bill.

9. She Shows It's Possible To Galvanize Lasting Social Change With Peaceful Protest.

10. All the While Rocking These Now Infamous Pink Shoes.