Paula Deen Today Show Interview Video: Watch Deen's Live Interview With Matt Lauer


After skipping her scheduled interview on The Today Show last Friday, Paula Deen finally sat down with Matt Lauer Wednesday morning.

Following the recent allegations that Deen used the N-word and intended to plan a plantation style wedding, Lauer asked the 66-year-old celebrity chef and entrepreneur to clear the air.

Deen explained that she did not attend the originally scheduled interview because she was too exhausted and distressed about the allegations. But this time, she was ready to talk. She denied the allegations that she is a racist; "the day I used that word was a world ago — I had a gun put to my head," she said. 

Deen was emotional throughout the interview and was even moved to tears. When Lauer asked bluntly if she is a racist, Deen said no. She attempted to dispel the notion that she is a racist, insisting instead that " every creature on this earth — every one of God's creatures — was created equal," she said.

The celebrity chef also told Lauer that if she were the Food Network, she would not have terminated her contract. She insisted that the only people she discriminates against are "thieves and liars."  

Deen admitted she is "heartbroken," due to the lies that have been spread about her. She concluded the interview saying, "I is what I is and I'm not changing." 

"If there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me," she said. Deen makes a good point — everyone makes mistakes, but is her's unforgivable?  

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