What State Will Legalize Gay Marriage Next?


When it comes to stats, Nate Silver is America's go-to man. For anyone needing a refresher, Silver "correctly predicted the winner of all 50 states and the District of Columbia." 

Earlier this year, he tackled gay marriage. Silver predicts that by 2020 44 states will support marriage equality. America's fast-paced support for gay marriage may mean that a federal law legalizes same-sex unions before we know it. 

There are a few states though, that Silver expects will lag behind in support for gay couples. These six states are located mostly in the South: South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. But Nate's statistical trajectory seems to indicate that in the years following 2020  these states are on track support gay marriage. 

So it seems no matter what happens today, whether things lean in favor of equality or not, the tides will surely one day turn. 

via: FiveThirtyEight