Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo: Plaintiffs In Prop. 8 Case Just Got Engaged On the Steps Of the Supreme Court


In what will probably be the first of many, a touching gay wedding proposal occurred this morning right in front of the cameras for the whole country to see. Igor Volsky at Think Progress is reporting that Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo, two of the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court Prop case, got engaged in front of the eyes of reporters after the decision striking down the law was announced.  It was beautiful, romantic and soooo legal.

"We are American and we will not be treated like second-class citizens,” Katami said. “We just want to get married because it’s the natural next step in our relationship….So today is a good day. It’s the day I finally get to look at the man that I love and finally say will you please marry me" Katami said before he kissed his fiancé.

Does this mean we can (finally) stop inserting the word "gay" when we talk about wedding proposals and just call them wedding proposals? Love needs no qualifiers. 

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