iPad 3 Pictures Unveiled


The "new iPad" is out and here are the first pictures from Apple's sleek site. It's not called the iPad HD or the iPad.

The new Ipad has several cool features:

retina with higher resolution than Apple's projector and 40% better color saturation than before Apple A5X chip which is faster iSight camera on the iPad

The New iPad has a very simiar design


Much sharper screen


Especially when you zoom in

Since the last iteration of Apple's revolutionary tablet, the market has become noticeably more competitive and could provoke bigger than usual innovations in the latest iPad. For instance, in this just-completed holiday shopping season, Amazon's Kindle Fire was estimated at “stealing” roughly 2 million tablet purchases away from Apple. At about $200 dollars to the iPad's $500, the Fire is significantly cheaper, and 4 million units were sold in December alone. For this reason, some analysts have suggested that the 3rd iPad will not see high sales unless Apple lowers its price.