8 Ways to Work Out Around Your Busy Work Schedule


Let’s face it, with the current obesity rate at 27.1%, an increase from last year, everybody should start paying attention to physical activity.

Many people claim that they are far too busy to work out, they don’t have the motivation, it’s too expensive or multiple other reasons. Here are some ways that you can juggle exercising with your busy work schedule. I want to note, that before anybody starts a new exercise regimen, you should discuss it with your physician and tailor it to your physical ability.

1. Wake up in the morning to exercise

Waking up an hour earlier to exercise in the morning helps you function better during the day. It gives you a better cardiovascular impact, you’re able to have more consistent workouts and more energy throughout the day.

2. Walk/Ride your bike/Rollerblade to work

Turn your morning and evening commute into your exercising routine. Not only will you save on gas money, but also you’ll be helping the environment. People who bike to work enjoy their commutes the most. If you live too far away to walk/bike or like me, live in Michigan where it can it can rain, snow, be sunny, and hail all in the same day, try parking farther away.

3. Work out during your lunch break

Most people have at least a half hour to work out. That is enough time to squeeze in a short workout. You can take a walk outside, or walk around your building if you have a large campus. Here are some reasons why working out during lunch can work.

4. Speaking of working out at work, do exercises at your desk

If you’re like me, stuck in your office all day, there are plenty of exercises to do at your desk. Invest in a cheap exercise ball. It will help strengthen your core and help your posture.

5. Use exercising as a way to socialize

Need to catch up with your friends, instead of going out to eat, pack a picnic and go for a walk in the park. If it’s cold or rainy, go to an indoor track and catch up while you walk the track. You can also go to a local mall and walk around. Have you ever gotten to the mall at 9 a.m. and see power walkers? They’re insane!

6. Be an active TV watcher

More than likely, you like to watch TV. Do quick workouts during commercial breaks. That’s a 15 minutes workout for your hour show. If you just have Netflix, then pause it during a natural television break. If you have HuluPlus, use that 1 minute to do some jumping jacks. Goodness knows you don’t want to see that All State commercial for the millionth time.

7. Do 5-minute intense workouts.

You probably have time to spare 5 minutes in the day. Do short 5-minute intense workouts. Fitness program instructor, Amanda Russell suggests that these types of activities will help with great weight loss results.

8. Look at your life and learn to say no.

If you are too busy to workout, look at your life and see where you can cut down on commitments. Do you really need to go to that networking meeting? Do you really need to spend an hour surfing the internet? Physical activity is SO important to our lives. Take some time to reevaluate where you are spending unnecessary time and focus on you.