PayPal Galactic: PayPal's New Initiative Of Cosmic Proportions


For over a decade, PayPal has served as one of the best tools that allows consumers to make safe and convenient transactions online. Now, PayPal will be taking e-commerce to another level — one that is literally out of this world.         

The company knows that once people begin to travel or settle in space, regular money simply will not do. Who wants to put up with the headache of having to trade currency from Earth with extraterrestrial dollars? Not you, but do not fret. PayPal made sure that it would be the first to jump on this idea and will have all interplanetary travelers covered for when space becomes a popular destination for civilians.   

PayPal’s new cosmic initiative is called PayPal Galactic, a program that will no doubt give the company a leg up in the aim “for the final frontier.” PayPal has partnered with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute to work on this new project which will prepare our civilization for an interplanetary economy.                              

Though this initiative may seem premature, programs like those provided by  Mars One, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Space Adventures are already looking to send Earthlings out of the confines of our planet. Perhaps such an intergalactic commerce system will be needed sooner than we expect.         

Apart from civilian space living and travel, PayPal also claims that this program will enable astronauts who are in orbit to pay their bills and purchase entertainment such as ebooks, music, and the like.         

For astronauts, this seems like an excellent program and could undoubtedly be put to good use. As for civilian travel, PayPal Galactic will probably not be necessary anytime soon but if it becomes possible in the coming decades, it will only be used by the select few who can both afford the expensive trips and have the courage and interest to venture into space.