Shabazz Muhammad: Where Will He Be Drafted?


A mere 18 months ago draftniks had him pegged as a top five pick but an uneven freshman season in Westwood has Muhammad taking on the role of mystery man tonight. A handful of NBA scouts have gone on record saying that the two-guard from Las Vegas is a top-ten talent capable of being a volume scorer in the league. Others believe that he's a one dimensional player who doesn't have the kind of motor NBA execs are looking for. At this point, Muhammad could come off the board as early as 7 to Sacramento and as late as 24 to the New York Knicks. 

I place a portion of the blame for his lackluster debut on former Bruins' head coach Ben Howland. His substitution patterns were questionable and there were long stretches where UCLA would seemingly ignore Muhammad altogether. Muhammad will have to work on his conditioning and play better defense if he wants to be a star in the league but to say that he suddenly has a low ceiling after one disappointing season in college is a bit of a stretch.