Rachel Jeantel to Zimmerman Lawyer: "That's Real Retarded, Sir"

ByGabriel Grand

On Thursday, Trayvon Martin's friend Rachel Jeantel was questioned by defense attorney Don West regarding the circumstances of Martin's death.

In response to a question implying that Martin had attacked West and didn't want Jeantel to know about it, Jeantel replied in a low tone, "That's real retarded, sir... When you don't know the person, why risk it? Trayvon didn't know him."

FOX News reports that Jeantel's courtroom demeanor on Thursday was "more subdued" than the previous day, and that she answered many of West's questions by "repeating 'yes, sir,' almost in a whisper."

At one point, West asked Jeantel, ""You feeling OK today? You seem different than yesterday."

"I got some sleep," she replied.

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