Zimmerman Trial Witness: "The Person On the Bottom Had a Lighter Skin Color"

ByGabriel Grand

John Good, a resident of the Florida community where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in February of last year, testified on Friday that he heard noises outside his home and saw two figures on the ground with "punches being thrown."

"It looked like a tussle," Good said. "At one point, I yelled out, 'What's going on? Stop it."

In describing to the jury the relative positioning of Martin and Zimmerman, Good used the words "ground and pound," referring to a Mixed Martial Arts position in which one fighter straddles the other.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

"I could tell that the person on the bottom had a lighter skin color," testified Good. He also said that the person on the bottom appeared to be wearing "white or red" while the one on top wore dark clothing. According to Good, the person on top appeared to be "raining down blows" on the person below him.

Good's statement corroborated Zimmerman's claims that he was acting in self defense when he fired the shot that killed Trayvon Martin. However, Good also testified that he did not see the person on top slam the other one's head into the cement pavement, as Zimmerman has claimed.

In fact, during his opening statement, defense attorney Don West went as far as to insist that “Trayvon Martin armed himself with the concrete sidewalk and used it to smash George Zimmerman’s head, no different than if he picked up a brick or bashed the head against a wall. That is a deadly weapon.”

Throughout the trial of George Zimmerman, attorneys for the prosecution and defense have endeavored to determine exactly who attacked whom. In their attempts to recreate the fatal night, they have made use of all the tools available to their disposal, including photographs, charts, and... waterbottles?

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