'The Bachelorette' Recap: Mikey Tenerelli Kicked Off Too Soon


Now that most Bachelorette enthusiasts have had the opportunity to watch this week’s episode live or through other means, I would like to express my shock at the loss of affable plumbing contractor Mikey Tenerelli, known to us all as simply, Mikey T.

For those of you who have not been watching this season, WHAT?! (Just kidding) 

Seriously though, you have missed more than I can recount in this post without breaking into longform, but long story short: Desiree is surrounded by bros just smart enough to fill out the show’s application and a few shining stars that show glimmers of feelings.  Mikey T. was one of these guys (perhaps exclusively in my own opinion as a straight dude smitten with the show’s penchant for entertaining and dramatic scenarios).

Though Mikey T. did not receive much screen-time until this week’s episode, here are five reasons why Des should have kept him around another 7-14 days.

1. His ability to pull off V-Necks plummeting toward his waistline

2. He was in it to win love and stand up for his principles (honor, respect, honesty, Italian-ness)

3. His ability to fix any plumbing issues the house filled with a bunch of dudes would encounter (presumably many)

4. People from the Midwest are generally nice

5. Except for James (also from Chicagoland). James is a D-Bag

That concludes my first and perhaps last rant about The Bachelorette.  I will miss you Mikey T and I know a significantly insignificant portion of America will too.